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144: Shadow of War, Monument Valley 2 and Weak Franchise Releases

Episode Summary

Middle Earth Shadow of War is here and we talk all about what's changed with this game. We also review Monument Valley 2, discuss Iron Banner in Destiny 2 and discuss bad titles in an otherwise awesome video game franchise.

Episode Notes

We review the highly anticipated sequel to Shadow of Mordor, Middle Earth Shadow of War. We discuss the loot box system, the changes the nemesis system, the story and all the new features and additions they've added since the first game. We also review the very beautiful mobile title Monument Valley 2 and talk about Iron Banner now available in Destiny 2 with all it's changes.

For news this week, we have Humble Bundle getting acquired by IGN, Fortnite Battle Royale reaching 10 MILLION PLAYERS and microtransactions and DLC making the gaming industry a lot of money. Oh and John Carpenter is dedicating his life to Destiny 2.

Finally, our discussion this week is all about the franchises we love. From Halo to Call of Duty, we break down those franchises that have impacted us in so many ways and what happens when they release a game that doesn't strike gold. What are some games you remember being bad titles in an otherwise successful video game franchise?

Show Notes:

1:03 - Monument Valley 2

4:24 - Iron Banner in Destiny 2

14:50 - Middle Earth: Shadow of War

24:53 - Gaming News

42:12 - Poor Launches in Video Game Franchises We Adore

1:11:08 - Upcoming Video Game Releases

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