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148: South Park Phone Destroyer, Civilization VI and Video Game Sequels

Episode Summary

In Episode 148, we cover South Park Phone Destroyer, Civilization VI, Cuphead and some old school games like Turok! We have some crazy business news with EA acquiring a new studio, Niantic opening a new studio and Telltale laying off some people. Finally, our discussion this week is on games that got better or got good after the first.

Episode Notes

South Park Phone Destroyer has arrived on phones everywhere! Is this just another mobile game or is it what South Park does best? We also have Luis back on the cast to talk about his crazy gaming escapades with Civilization VI, completing Cuphead and going old school with Turok.

In the news, EA acquires Respawn Entertainment, creators of Titanfall. Telltale Games lays off a quarter of its staff as it begins to focus tighter on future games. Niantic also reveals their new Harry Potter AR game as a follow up to last year's Pokemon GO.

Our discussion this week is all about video game sequels. Many franchises didn't take off until after the first game. We explore how and why this occurred with three types of games: games that actually got good after the first one, games that weren't recognized until after the first one and games that sucked until the second one released. We have an interesting list and would love to hear your feedback and any games you think we missed!

Show Notes:

1:26 - South Park Phone Destroyer

10:21 - Civilization VI

22:26 - Gaming News

47:33 - Successful Video Game Sequels

1:18:00 - Upcoming Video Game Releases

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