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158: Shadow of the Colossus, Aegis Defenders and Evolution of Game Franchises

Episode Summary

In this episode, we play Shadow of the Colossus, Aegis Defenders and more Celeste. We also have an in-depth discussion on the evolution of video game franchises and talk about news from this week.

Episode Notes

What is touted as one of the greatest games of all time is back for a full remake on PS4: Shadow of the Colossus. We play through half of it and share our first and returning impressions on this game that wasn’t a huge hit, but created a cult following for years to come. Team Ico created this game after their first game, Ico. They then went on to create The Last Guardian that released last year. We also play the new indie title Aegis Defenders which combines platforming with tower defense elements. We had them on the podcast in episode 131 and we’re quite impressed with the final outcome. We also have some positive words to say after diving deeper into the story on Celeste.

In the news this week, Supercell makes a bunch of money without releasing a new game, Overwatch League brings on their first female player and Atari is getting into cryptocurrency. We also talk about the possible Spyro the Dragon Remaster coming later this year and some crazy stories surrounding PlayerUnknown’s: Battlegrounds. Here's the link to our naked man conversation.

Our discussion is all about evolving video game franchises. We look at games like Fortnite and Borderlands and how they evolved over time before they even launched. We also look at post-launch changes with games like Far Cry and Saint’s Row. Each one had its ups and downs but it’s interesting to explore the inner workings of a studio and why they make the decisions they make when building a game.

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Show Notes:
1:55 - Shadow of the Colossus
14:42 - Aegis Defenders
22:43 - Celeste
29:32 - Gaming News
56:20 - Evolving Video Game Franchises
1:23:24 - Upcoming Video Game Releases

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