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161: Dragon Quest Builders, Super Smash Bros for Switch and The Division 2

Episode Summary

We get our hands on Dragon Quest Builders, Shovel Knight and Kirby Star Allies for the Switch and try out the release of Dragon Quest Builders. In our news, we talk all about the Nintendo Direct with Super Smash Bros and our discussion is on Ubisoft's Games as a Service Model as we look forward to The Division 2.

Episode Notes

This week is light on new games but heavy on games you may have missed but should keep your eye on. We finish our discussion on Owlboy for the Switch and revisit Shovel Knight Treasure Trove. Luis tries out the Dragon Quest Builders release for the Switch and how it melds Minecraft with RPG elements really well. Finally, Brett tests out the Kirby Star Allies demo ahead of it's launch next week.

In our news, there is more talk on video game violence at the White House, Nintendo announces Super Smash Bros for the Switch and Valve is making games again. Will we see Half-Life 3? Call of Duty also reveals Black Ops 4 as their 2018 title.

Our discussion is lengthy but in depth this week. We look back on Ubisoft's Games as a Service model starting with Rainbow Six Siege. We explore how it's evolved from that game on into For Honor, Ghost Recon Wildlands, The Crew 2, Far Cry 5 and soon to be The Division 2. Ubisoft is great at coming up with a lot of ideas but never quite delivers on making any one of them perfect. Will they pull it off with The Division 2?

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Show Notes:
4:45 - Shovel Knight
9:20 - Dragon Quest Builders
12:33 - Kirby Star Allies
17:35 - Gaming News
41:52 - Ubisoft Games as a Service Leading to The Division 2
1:18:42 - Upcoming Video Game Releases

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