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163: Sea of Thieves, Kona and the Good and Bad of Co-Op

Episode Summary

In this episode we talk about Sea of Thieves, Kona and The Bridge on the Switch. We also talk about the good, bad and the ugly of cooperative games today.

Episode Notes

Ahoy matey! The open sea, pirate simulator adventure game has arrived from the fine folks at Rare. We got our hands on it and share our initial impressions surrounding this shared world pirate game. We find buried treasure, chickens and skeletons all over. We also play the survival game Kona that we first encountered at PAX South 2017. Devan of course can’t stop playing the Switch and he also jumps into a game called The Bridge. Is it worth jumping into? Listen to find out!

In our news, Nintendo had their Spring nindies announcements with games like Banner Saga 3, West of Loathing and Light Fall coming soon to the Switch. Riot, Twitch and Blizzard are also working to minimize toxic behavior in video games and Atari unveils the name of the Ataribox: Atari VCS.

Our discussion this week is on all the cooperative games coming out this year. We have a slew of them coming our way and it got us thinking: is this good or bad? We’ve been wanting good co-op games for years but now that we’re getting our hands on them we’re noticing some of their pitfalls such as finding friends to play with, matching skill levels and keeping us interested for a long period of time. What do you think? Join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter and let us know!

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Show Notes:
1:28 - Sea of Thieves
18:01 - Kona
23:52 - The Bridge
26:14 - Gaming News
46:51 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Cooperative Games

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