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164: Far Cry 5, Florence and Experimental Indie Games

Episode Summary

We play Far Cry 5 and Florence this week. We also talk about experimental indie games and why they can struggle to succeed in today's competitive market.

Episode Notes

We enter Hope County this week with Far Cry 5. Does this game deliver on the promises or is Ubisoft finally reaching the end of the road? Brett also plays a simple little mobile game called Florence from Annapurna Pictures.

Our news this week covers Sea of Thieves being the best-selling new IP on this generation of the Xbox, new content coming from Pokemon Go and No Man’s Sky and the drop in price of the Playstation VR.

Our discussion this week is on the unfortunate state of experimental indie games. Games that push the bar but can’t reach the right audience. With the recent post-mortem from Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, we talk about ways indie developers (from a gamer perspective) can better reach people with their game.

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Show Notes:
3:25 - Far Cry 5
23:25 - Florence
29:46 - Gaming News
47:30 - What makes an experimental indie game succeed?
1:17:13 - Upcoming Video Game Releases

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