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173: Pokemon Quest, Detroit: Become Human and Fallout 76 at E3

Episode Summary

In this episode we play the free game Pokemon Quest, get mad at all the chaos in the news this week with lawsuits, investments and more and discussed the heavy hitters of E3 this year.

Episode Notes

This week we dive into the free game from Game Freak, Pokemon Quest. It’s basically a mobile game built for the Switch (and it will be coming to mobile later on.) We also talk about our conclusion of Detroit: Become Human and how much choice the game really has. Finally, Mario Tennis Aces releases a demo and Brett jumps into it for a few rounds.

In our news, Austin gets pissed at a lot of things such as the PUBG lawsuit, expensive DLC, Bungie’s new investment and Sea of Thieves shallow content despite their new found attempts to add more depth. At least Atari made a bunch of money on their new console but will it find a market?

Finally, our discussion is over the E3 heavy hitters. We go through each press conference and talk about what we think will be the big selling point at each conference that we know is coming to E3 then we talk about one of the things we hope to see for each conference. Do you agree or disagree?

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Show Notes:
1:38 - Pokémon Quest
9:11 - Detroit: Become Human
20:20 - Mario Tennis Aces
24:16 - Gaming News
58:04 - The E3 Heavy Hitters
1:42:01 - Upcoming Video Game Releases

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