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187: Marvel's Spider-Man, Battlefield 5 and the Next Phase of Battle Royale

Episode Summary

In this episode we really get excited about Spider-Man, jump into some Battlefield 5 on the PC and talk about the next stage of Battle Royale and where it's headed.

Episode Notes

Marvel's Spider-Man is finally here on the PS4. The wait is over and the hype is beyond real. We've played it and are happy to say the game delivers. Insomniac Games outdid themselves with this title and we can't wait to play more. Brett may even platinum it! The Battlefield 5 open beta is also here and Brett and Austin jump in to share their opinions. It's better than most people are saying and we share some of the highlights from Rotterdam and Narvik.

In the news, we have a ton of new details thanks to Game Informer on Fallout 76. We talk about trolling and censorship online and discuss the new Anthem trailer around "Our World, My Story." Finally, they have a greaseproof Xbox One controller that no one really wanted!

Our discussion is all about the future of Battle Royale and where it's headed. We talk about the current state of the genre and what things will be like as the Triple A developers get into the game with Firestorm and Blackout from Dice and Treyarch.

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Show Notes:
1:27 - Marvel’s Spider-Man
23:43 - Battlefield 5 Open Beta
37:25 - Gaming News
1:04:52 - Where is Battle Royale Headed?
1:39:29 - Upcoming Video Game Releases

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