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199: Red Dead Online, Fallout 76 Controversy & The Game Awards Predictions

Episode Summary

In this episode we get our hands on Red Dead Online Beta, talk about the mega fail with Fallout 76 and give our predictions on what we'll see at The Game Awards revealed this year.

Episode Notes

We didn't know if it was coming but it sure did come! Red Dead Online is finally here. We know what it is and we've played the beta to prove it. It's definitely still a beta, but not near as bad as the full release of another game that had a major fall out in the last few weeks. We talk about some of the story missions, forming a posse, playing in free roam and how they managed to maintain the graphical quality even in multiplayer. We also talk about how snowhydra games were kind enough to make a video for us for our event that featured Zarvot last week!

In our news, the FTC is hopefully cracking down on lootboxes and the mega controversy continues to unfold surrounding Fallout 76. Not only did they do a bad job with their refund policy, they ticked off Collector's Edition owners who got a crappy nylon bag instead of the canvas bag they were promised for their $200 collection. But if you were an influencer or journalist that came to their event in West Virginia, you did get a canvas bag.

UPDATE: After this podcast was recorded, Bethesda finally gave in and announced that if you submit a request through Bethesda Support, they're working to manufacture proper canvas bags for those owners. It's a step in the right direction, although doesn't fix their bait and switch tactic they tried to pull.

Finally, our discussion topic has us diving into our excitement for The Game Awards 2018. Geoff Keighley and friends have announced that there will be 10 game reveals at least at the awards. Some rumors include a Death Stranding release date, Borderlands 3, a new Alien game and even a new Avengers game. Nintendo may even drop a nice surprise on us! That airs December 6th.

Make sure you tune in next week for the BIG 200! We'll have a giveaway, a fun discussion and much more. You don't want to miss this one.

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Show Notes:
3:10 - Red Dead Online BETA
20:28 - Zarvot and The Inner Gamer Events
22:54 - FTC Investigating Lootboxes and Artifacts Card Purchase System
40:26 - Fallout 76 Controversy with Collector’s Edition and Refunds
59:44 - The Game Awards 2018 Predictions
1:22:03 - Upcoming Video Game Releases

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