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201: GAME OF THE YEAR 2018 and Giveaway Winner Announced!

Episode Summary

We're back in your feed! This episode pays tribute to the amazing year that was 2018 in gaming. We talk about our favorite games as we prepare for 2019.

Episode Notes

HELLO FRIENDS! We're back in your feed! We hope everyone had an awesome holiday. Our contest winner will be announced AFTER the game of the year discussion.

Speaking of which, we're talking about game of the year 2018! This episode is all about paying tribute to the most amazing year we've ever experienced. From the focused narrative of God of War to the broad, open-world of Red Dead Redemption 2, this was an incredible year. We cover our favorite from every genre, our favorite indies and some of our favorite surprises.

We're also running another contest! Listen to the episode to learn how to enter.

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Show Notes:
1:53 - Game of the Year 2018
1:06:35 - Upcoming Video Game Releases

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