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210: Devil May Cry 5, Ape Out and The Changing Face of Battle Royale

Episode Summary

We talk about Devil May Cry 5, Devolver Digital's Ape Out and the changing face of battle royale post Apex Legends. PS4 also now allows remote play and EA isn't doing a press conference at E3!

Episode Notes

Capcom returns with the next installment in their Devil May Cry series with Devil May Cry 5. We return with Dante but introduce a few new experiences, namely the playable character V. This is an action-packed, combo-heavy game and Austin shares his first 5-6 hours of time with the game. Brett also gets his hands on a new game from Devolver Digital called Ape Out. You're an ape locked up in a jail cell and you have to break out and escape through more and more challenging levels. It has a great art style with a simplistic, yet challenging design.

In our news, remote play is here for PS4 and the Nintendo Switch launches virtual reality with the Labo kits. EA announces they're doing EA Play still at E3 this year but will not have a press conference. Finally, Artifact, the new card game from Valve, is going through some struggles. Will it survive?

Finally, we talk about the changing face of Battle Royale. With Apex Legends blasting onto the scene and far beating numbers set by Fortnite, we speculate on where the future is headed.

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Show Notes:
3:41 - Devil May Cry 5
15:33 - Ape Out
20:44 - Gaming News
49:27 - The Changing Face of Battle Royale Post Apex
1:14:27 - Upcoming Video Game Releases

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